Many women approach the birth of their baby with fear, and unfortunately when you feel fear your unconscious mind responds by tensing muscles and releasing stress chemicals. This inevitably causes the process of giving birth to feel more painful, and often last longer, than it needs to.

Hypnotherapy is an easy, effective and proven way for you to achieve the relaxed, pain and drug free birth that you want and your baby will benefit from. The benefits include:

  • Removal of fear surrounding the birth
  • Deeper and more restful sleep before and after the birth
  • Lower blood pressure and reduced heartburn
  • A calm birthing atmosphere, shorter labour and less interventions
  • Use of fewer or no drugs

During your hypnotherapy sessions you will learn self hypnosis techniques, and you will be given supporting CDs to enable you to practise these at home.


"I used Tayma for hypnobirthing when I was pregnant with my little boy and she was absolutely amazing! She made me completely relaxed leading up to my due date, anytime I felt a little anxious I would listen to the CD she gave me, and practise what she had taught me and then feel completely calm again. I was in labour for about 11 hours with no pain relief and Harry was born very safely into the world weighing 9lb 5oz so was a big boy but I felt so calm throughout. I would highly recommend Tayma to all pregnant ladies, especially first pregnancies. Tayma’s hypnobirthing really is amazing and made pregnancy and childbirth a very calm and lovely experience." Rhi, Highworth

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