Setbacks in life often create feelings of frustration, worry, anxiety, anger or guilt. But if, instead of dealing with the situation, you are continuing to go over and over what's troubling you, it can begin the cycle of depression. And then you can start to lose a sense of control over your life.

There are many unhelpful myths about depression, some of which may be actually prolonging your misery. If you are feeling depressed you will achieve a quicker recovery if you remember that mild to moderate depression is not an inevitable consequence of unpleasant events and is not caused by genetics.

“Depression, we are saying, is not a disease; it is a natural response to certain types of emotional introspection”. Human Givens 2003, J Griffin and I Tyrrell

Major research carried out on depression has concluded that, to be effective, therapy must focus on solving current problems, must be an active process and must be time limited. These are the components of solution focused hypnotherapy with which I am able to help you break your cycle of depression as quickly as possible, giving you skills to ensure it stays that way.

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