Phobias and Fears

If you have a phobia you probably realise your fear is unreasonable, yet you still can't control your feelings. Just thinking about the thing you fear may make you anxious, and when you're actually exposed to it the terror is automatic and overwhelming. Consequently, you may go to great lengths to avoid it.

Using the latest thinking on neuroscience I am able to help you to overcome your fears quickly and effectively.


"Tayma, I wanted to drop you a line to let you know that with your help my fear of heights and water have taken an enormous leap to being overcome. We had a fantastic week in Scotland and I took part fully in all the climbing and water activities that I would normally avoid. I can’t thank you enough, you have helped massively. " Susan, Highworth

"Dear Tayma, it’s lovely to share with you that I actually managed to go into a lift two days ago! We had to visit Pete’s brother in the John Radcliffe at Oxford and the only way to ICU was by lift … no choice, but ordinarily I would have just let Pete visit and this time I actually stepped over the threshold and did it! What a breakthrough! So a huge thank you, I am so grateful especially as his brother is fairly poorly at the moment and I’ve actually been able to see him and support his wife and Pete." Mary, Cricklade

"Tayma, I thought I would let you know that I got back from my trip last night and I have done everything I never dreamt I could ever do!  Our rooms were on the fifth floor, and I used the lifts the whole time (even the small one!)I used the metro with no problems at all even in a packed train and the Eurostar tunnel was a breeze. Thank you, I feel that I have overcome everything this weekend with your help, and now that I have done these things there will be no stopping me now!" Michelle, Swindon

"Last month I flew to Canada and had an amazing flight both ways! All thanks to your hypnotherapy. As you know, prior to this I was extremely anxious about flying and experienced huge claustrophobic issues around aeroplanes. I am cured, it is such a fantastic feeling, thank you so much. You were so brilliant and deserve praise." Juliet, Cirencester

"Tayma helped me overcome my fear of spiders. Something people who are close to me would have said was impossible. I use to be so unbelievably scared, it was growing worse and stopping me from doing things.....I now am living in Africa and grateful for the peace I have found. Thank you Tayma!" Kate, Swindon

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