Stop Smoking

If you have tried to give up your smoking habit you probably know all the reasons that you should stop, but something just keeps making you continue. This happens, not because nicotine is particularly addictive, but because the smoking habit actually exists within your unconscious mind.

If you really want to stop smoking then you can certainly be helped to do what you want to do. Using hypnosis we enable the unconscious mind to absorb suggestions about the dangers, cost and unpleasantness of smoking as well as the benefits of being a non-smoker.

The Stop Smoking hypnotherapy session costs £150, lasts for 90 - 120 minutes and no initial consultation is necessary.

"Around half of current smokers will be killed by their habit if they continue to smoke." Cancer Research UK


"Tayma, when I saw you in February for my stop smoking appointment I still had a few cigarettes left over, but have not touched one since our meeting. I have to say I was very sceptical about it at the time and did not think it would work but I have not been at all tempted by a cigarette and know I will never look back." Rick, Cheltenham

"Hurrah Tayma, it’s been a year and I’m still not smoking. I am looking forward to another Christmas where I don’t have to keep going outside for a cigarette and can enjoy time with the family properly. I am getting loads of requests for your number!" Rosie, Malborough

"AMAZING! Having hypnosis was my last attempt to give up smoking and it worked brilliantly! Was smoking for 14 years and had tried everything before this. Haven’t smoked since! My dad also had hypnosis for smoking (he was smoking more than 50 years) and is now also a non smoker thanks to Tayma! Would recommend to anyone!!" Kimberley, Fairford

"I saw Tayma on February 5th last year and, having smoked for about 50 years, not only wanted to give up but needed to. After being hypnotised I haven't had a cigarette since. Absolutely brilliant and worth every penny." John, Highworth

"I still find it incredible that I walked in a smoker, and walked out a non-smoker. Had it not actually happened to me I would claim that it was impossible, it could not be done! Tayma, I would just like to say, from the bottom of my heart, a massive thank you. I am eternally grateful for your help, please keep up the good work." Mark, Lechlade

If you are in the Cirencester, Cheltenham or Swindon area, and would like to book an initial consultation, please contact me here

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