Sporting Performance

If you enjoy a sporting activity you may be feeling frustrated by your inability to improve at it. You are probably aware of what you are doing wrong but unable to change the behaviour, and this is because most automatic actions reside within the unconscious mind.

Using the latest thinking on neuroscience I am able to help you to overcome the glitches in your technique, control your performance anxiety and maximise your success.


"I flagged up what I felt the hang ups and negatives were for me when I take part in Triathlon training and I came out of there wanting to RUN!” Liam told us smiling. “Before my next Triathlon session I would definitely have another hypnotherapy session. We talked through race scenarios and Tayma built in the confidence of the run side of things. She helped me into a relaxed state and almost talked me through each part of the race. She cleared out the negatives and replaced them with positives. It’s something I would highly recommend to do regularly." ‘This is Old Town’ asked Liam Dixon, Triathlon competitor and owner of Run Swindon about his experience of hypnotherapy with Tayma

"Hi Tayma, first of all, thank you so much for your help with my skating – it has made a huge difference to my confidence and the way I feel on the ice. Now I would like to tackle the skiing!" Lynn, Swindon

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